Photo Gadget Pro
Price: $19.90

Size: 1.98MB

Rotate, resize, crop and rename photos & images.
Add a caption or frame, apply effects and filters.
Carry out format conversions. Upload to Flickr.


  Perform several operations in a single pass

Task: You transferred images from your camera to the computer. Now you want to fix them all. First, some images need to be rotated as they were shot in portrait orientation. Then you'd like all images resized to your screen resolution. Finally, you'll add copyright notice and rename all files from indescriptive stock-names given by the camera. How to do all this in the most efficient way?

Solution: All operations from the above task are covered with Photo Gadget Pro functionality. The obvious way would be to select images, rotate them, select again, resize, select… There is nothing wrong with this process. It is logical, but has some steps that feel a bit redundant, namely the constant selecting of images before the next operation is done. Is there a different way?

Luckily there is. You just have to pay attention to options offered on the final dialog that follows each operation. Once you get there you can select the next desired operation from the drop-list and simply click Next operation button (check the screenshot below). Photo Gadget Pro already knows your selection of images from the beginning so it will just continue to the next operation and apply it directly.



  • If rotating is among operations that you want to do in a sequence, pay attention that unless your camera stores image orientation information with image's EXIF description, you will have to do everything in two batches, one for images that need to be rotated and one for the rest.