Photo Gadget Pro
Price: $19.90

Size: 1.98MB

Rotate, resize, crop and rename photos & images.
Add a caption or frame, apply effects and filters.
Carry out format conversions. Upload to Flickr.



Convert images to grayscale

Invert colors (make negatives) Convert images to sepia Flip images

  Convert images to sepia with Photo Gadget Pro
  1. Open a folder with images in Windows Explorer.
  2. Select images that you want to convert to sepia tone.
  3. Right click the selection, choose Photo Gadget Pro Effects/Filters, select Sepia from the list and click Apply Effect/Filter.

Example (Before - After)


  • Sepia is a brown pigment originally prepared from the secretion of the cuttlefish and used in the past for printing photographs.
  • For additional effect experiment with different main colors; you can always get back to default main color by clicking Default.
  • If you selected more than one image you will be able to browse through the whole selection using arrow buttons to preview the result before clicking Apply