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  Get JPG file size under a limit

Situation: You take your pictures in best available quality. Those JPG files end-up quite large, but that is not bothering you when storage is cheap. The real problem shows up if you need to do something with those pictures while there is a limit on individual JPG file size. For example you can face this situation when uploading pictures to a web album. What are your options then?

Solution: Well, you can open a picture in some editing software and save it as new with higher JPG compression. Or you can resize it to a smaller resolution. Or you can try both things at the same time and consequently get smaller file size. The remaining question here is how will you get the right file size, not too large to exceed the limit and not too small to lose too much on picture quality? As every picture is a story of its own when it comes to JPG compression, there is no straightforward answer and you can easily get involved in a lenghty trial and error process while trying to produce the satisfactory result.

On the other hand Photo Gadget Pro gives you an elegant way of getting the job done with minimum effort and maximum satisfaction. All you have to do is enable "Max. file size" option for JPG quality and type in the limit in kilobytes. After that the program will optimize the compression to get output file size under the limit. There are two important things to note about this option. One is that if you want to control output file size then you can not control the picture quality so for large resolution pictures and restricted file size you can end up with poor quality output. The other thing to note is speed of processing pictures that will be significantly slower when this option is enabled because the program has to try different levels of JPG compression to get a file size that is close to the target you set.