Photo Gadget Pro
Price: $19.90

Size: 1.98MB

Rotate, resize, crop and rename photos & images.
Add a caption or frame, apply effects and filters.
Carry out format conversions. Upload to Flickr.


  Installing Photo Gadget Pro
  1. Download the program setup PGPRO.EXE (for 64-bit version download PGPRO64.EXE instead)
  2. Double click on PGPRO.EXE and follow instructions on the screen. It is strongly recommended to close down all other programs before starting the installation process.
  3. Restart the computer if requested to do so.
  4. To use the program open some folder with images in Windows Explorer, make a selection, right click on it and look for the Photo Gadget Pro option in the context menu.


  • If you already purchased the program and want to complete its registration, right click on some image file in Windows Explorer, look for the Photo Gadget Pro option in the context menu, choose Registration, type in your name and registration code and click Register. You will find your registration code in the order confirmation message.
  • Photo Gadget Pro option appears in the context menu only when a selection of images to work with include at least one image in one of six supported image file formats (BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA and JPG). Images in unsupported formats will be skipped. So, if you select only GIF images Photo Gadget Pro option will not appear because the program can not work with images in that format.