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What's new in Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.5

  Stereo recording with 16-bit sampling up to 192KHz

This version brings several improvements to the sound quality of your recordings. Now you can record stereo sound with 16-bit sampling and up to 192KHz while before you were limited to 8-bit mono recordings up to 44KHz. Of course, with higher sound quality parameters meeting files become bigger for the same length of recording. Pay attention to these parameters when creating new meeting files.

  What was New in Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.4

  Compatibility with Vista's Sound and Volume Mixer dialogs

Vista handles audio in somewhat different way than previous versions of Windows. Most notably each audio program installed on the computer got its own volume slider in Volume Mixer dialog. Minutes of Meeting Recorder is now fully compatible with all those changes so you can use it on Vista computers without problems.

  What was New in Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.3

  Importing WAV/MP3/OGG files

If you have some audio files that you want to include in a meeting file the program will allow you to do that through this import option. You can import as many files as you want into a single meeting file knowing that each one of them will appear as the new audio section. Supported audio formats for importing are WAV, MP3 and OGG, and you will find the option in the File menu. You should note that direct conversion between two compressed audio formats is not possible so if you are working with a compressed OGG meeting file you will not be able to import MP3 files directly into it.

  Run without tray icon

With so many icons taking place in the tray area of the taskbar these days you might want to change the way Minutes of Meeting Recorder behaves and make it work as a standard Windows program without the tray icon. To do that you just have to enable "Run without tray icon" option in the program's settings.

  What was New in Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.2

  Transcription playback mode

This unique operation mode is designed to make transcribing recorded material easier. With option enabled playback first goes for some time, then it pauses automatically and finally rewinds a little bit to start a new cycle. The idea is to minimize interaction with the program while transcribing. You can adjust all parameters for this mode so with some experimenting you should be able to find the winning combination - in ideal case you would just start the playback once and type everything in a single pass.

  Temporary folder location

While the program is working it has to create some temporary files. By default, those temporary files are saved to the same folder where meeting files are saved. Now you can change the location for temporary files and set it to either temporary folder used by the Windows itself (system) or any other folder you want (custom). Setting a custom folder is a good option when you have additional hard drive with plenty of free space.

  What was New in Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.1

  Exporting meeting notes and audio

Look under the File menu for Export option. You can export both meeting notes and recorded audio to standard files. Meeting notes will be exported to rich-text file (RTF) and available sound file formats for exporting audio component are WAV, OGG and MP3.

  What was New in Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.0

  Audio Editor

Built-in audio editor gives you the opportunity to make cut-outs and thus clean the recording of parts you do not want to keep. It is as simple as marking the cut-out using the set of options available for positining within the recording and clicking on Cut.

  Real-time OGG Vorbis audio compression

OGG Vorbis is an audio compression format that is roughly comparable to other formats used to store and play digital music, such as MP3, VQF, AAC, and other digital audio formats. Like those other formats OGG Vorbis provides for significantly smaller files without losing much on the sound quality. Starting from this version Minutes of Meeting Recorder is capable to record directly to OGG Vorbis format.

  Compress/Decompress Meeting File

When real-time compression is not possible (e.g. your computer does not have enough processing power) and you still want to have smaller meeting file you can make a standard uncompressed recording and later use the option for compressing meeting file. If for any reason you want to decompress meeting file that is already compressed you have that option, too.

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