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Audio solutions by XemiComputers

  Specialized software


Lecture Recorder

USD 24.90 How to order

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This program allows you to record lectures with written notes attached, plus it saves both components to a single lecture file. Audio signal is compressed on-the-fly, you can export it easily and listen in transcription playback mode when necessary.


Minutes of Meeting Recorder

USD 39.00 How to order

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Take minutes of meetings by recording discussion and writing notes about present people, agenda, actions and closure. Then you can share meeting files, export recordings to widespread sound formats, use transcription playback mode, print meeting notes…

  General purpose software


Audio Notes Recorder

USD 19.90 How to order

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This voice notes program records from microphone and all other sound sources. Its key features include support for scheduled recordings, voice operated recording, transcription playback, export to MP3/WAV/OGG/EXE, changeable skin and message editor.



USD 29.90 How to order

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Audio recorder with wide range of sound qualities (11-192 kHz, 8/16-bit, mono/stereo), simple interface and features like import/export to WAV/OGG/MP3, keyboard shortcuts, mouse wheel support, jump playback shortcuts, endless loop, track editor, transcription playback mode, support for scheduled recordings and playback effects.



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Whom are these programs made for?
Businessmen, executives, employees, lawyers, doctors, scientists, professors, students, hobbyists, … virtually all of you that need record sound into your PCs could benefit from using one of these programs. Read on for some real-life example situations.
Increasing workplace productivity through recording and sending voice messages
Recording meetings and lectures
Recording telephone conversations
Recording internet radio broadcasts (streaming audio)
Transferring recordings from other devices into PC
Making an audio CD to play in a car or home stereo

Transcribing recordings through a special playback mode

NOTE: All our programs allow 42 days for free evaluation.



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