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Claudio 6.3

File size: 3.28 MB (exe file)
Supported OS:
Win 98/2000/XP/Vista

Complete luxury audio recorder with OGG/MP3
Computers are getting more and more powerful every day and multimedia is one of the most demanding areas where user can see and feel the difference. We at XemiComputers took a long term commitment to provide software that will leverage that power in a most convenient way.

Our first product in the field of sound recording, Audio Notes Recorder, made us confident we are moving in the right direction by drawing attention of many users around the world. We also learned that there are a lot of things that we could add to the program to broaden its audience, but that initial concept of recording voice notes represents a limiting factor.

Therefore we decided to take already proven recording engine and build a new program on top of it with emphasis on other aspects of using a computer for recording audio. We are happy to present you with Claudio, standard audio recorder with full control over recorded sound quality, simple user interface and neat additional features.

You can choose any combination of sound quality parameters for recording: 11/22/32/44/48/88/96/192 KHz sampling rate, 8/16-bit samples, mono/stereo sound. Recordings are organized in cassette files and each new recording creates a new track on a current cassette. Tracks can be named and directly played via track selector list designed for easy access. Recording time is limited only by available free space on a target hard drive and its file system. That means if you work with the NTFS file system there is absolutely no limit on recording time other than hard drive capacity. With FAT32 you will be able to go up to 4Gb and with FAT file system up to 2Gb for a single cassette file.

Amongst other features we would like to draw your attention especially to Claudio's import and export capabilities. On the import side you can work with WAV, OGG Vorbis and MP3 files. The same stands for export with two significant additions. Claudio can create executable files containing both a little player and recorded material itself and all one has to do then is to double-click on such EXE file to start playback. On top of everything there is an option to send an e-mail to multiple recipients with exported file (WAV/OGG/MP3/EXE) attached directly from the program.

Do not forget to try playback sound effects (echo, equalizer, flanger and pitch) and explore opportunities to mix tracks, break them in parts on exporting or in real-time during recording, use pre-amplifier for weak sound sources...

If audio logging, archiving, storage and monitoring radio broadcasts is part of your daily routine you will love the program's Jump Playback option. Just import your material into Claudio and during playback you can use keyboard shortcuts (+/- on numerical keyboard) to jump forward and backward through the recording for quick review. The option is configurable (with 30 seconds per keypress as default) and works in stop mode, too.

We believe Claudio's user interface is simple and self-explanatory. Of course, selection of keyboard shortcuts and mouse wheel support are included as well as track editor for making cut-outs and splitting, transcription playback mode and an exact time positioning (ETP) bar for quick and precise positioning within a sound track. If you are wondering how much time you can record within free space available on your hard drive just open Available Space dialog to get an estimate.

An icing on this cake might be Claudio's ability to make scheduled recordings. For that to work you need one more program of ours called Smooth Program Scheduler. It is completely free to install/use and available for download from this location. Detailed instructions on setting up a scheduled recording are available in Smooth Program Scheduler's help files.

Finally, we would like to call you to send your comments at Claudio would not exist if we had not received feedback that led to its development. While we can not meet all requests you might put in front of us, we can assure you that your suggestions are highly appreciated and have crucial influence on our decisions.

NOTE: Support for MP3 sound files is available on conditional basis. This feature requires Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer3 (MP3) codec to be present on your computer. The codec is not included with Audio Notes Recorder. Depending on the version of Windows you have it may be present by default, but it may also happen that you do not have it. To find out if you have the codec or not simply try to export some recording to MP3. You should also know that there are different versions of the codec. For example, so called "advanced" version works only on low bitrates (i.e. you can not use it for 44KHz and 48KHz recordings without lowering the sound quality for export) while "professional" version supports all sound qualities available in the program. There is also "decode only" version of the codec that can not do exports at all.

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