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Active Desktop Calendar


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  Lord of the Rings history


Lord of the Rings fans attention please. Here is the collection of important dates in history of Middle Earth ready for importing into Active Desktop Calendar. Compiled and contributed by a fellow ADC user. If you also have some attractive calendar to share please contact us at . Your comments are welcome at the same address.

Lord of the Rings - History of Middle Earth

January 5 Fellowship enters Moria
January 9 Fellowship reaches Lorien
January 17 Passing of Gandalf
February 7 Fellowship leaves Lorien
February 17 Death of Boromir
February 20 Meriadoc & Pippin meet Treebeard
February 22 Passing of King Ellesar
February 24 Ents destroy Isengard
February 26 Aragorn takes the Paths of the Dead
March 5 Frodo & Samwise encounter Shelob
March 8 Deaths of Denethor & Theoden
March 18 Destruction of the Ring
March 25 Destruction of the Ring
March 29 Flowering of the Mallorn
April 4 Gandalf visits Bilbo
April 17 An unexpected party
April 23 Crowning of King Ellesar
May 19 Arwen leaves Lorian to wed King Ellesar
June 11 Sauron attacks Osgilliath
June 13 Bilbo returns to Bag End
June 23 Wedding of Ellesar & Arwen
July 4 Gandalf imprisoned by Saruman
July 24 The ring comes to Bilbo
July 26 Bilbo rescued from Wargs by Eagles
August 3 Funeral of King Theoden
August 29 Saruman enters the Shire
September 10 Gandalf escapes from Orthanc
September 14 Frodo & Bilbo's birthday
September 15 Black riders enter the Shire
September 18 Frodo and company rescued by Bombadil
September 28 Frodo wounded at Weathertop
October 16 Boromir reaches Rivendell
October 17 Council of Elrond
October 25 End of War of the Ring
November 16 Bilbo reaches the Lonely Mountain
December 5 Death of Smaug
December 16 Fellowship begins Quest
  (last revision on 060109)

Download and import instructions

  1. To download, right click on the chosen file link, choose Save Target As... option, select some folder on your hard drive and click Save.
  2. Double click on Active Desktop Calendar's icon in the system tray.
  3. Choose Import option from the Data menu.
  4. Select downloaded calendar file (it has .ADC extension), click Open, choose Target Layer ("Import as new layer" is recommended) and finally click Finish.


  • You can download and import as many calendars as you want.
  • Imported notes will not affect your existing notes.
  • Unless you have chosen "Import as new layer" option for importing, there is no other way to undo the import operation than to delete imported notes manually.
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Connection with OutlookŪ
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